Biz Analyst

You have the control. A fresh perspective towards Business Solutions.

Make your work easier

The platform allows quickly enablement of digital ecosystems to streamline the organizations’ operations for internal users (employees) and external stakeholders (customers, clients, investors, partners, etc.). Through the configuration of business rules and automations, organizations can easily increase their processes accuracy and efficiency.


Thanks to our system architecture and the technologies we use, any changes made in the Business Analyst module can be published in the web portal and Mobile App via a single click. So you can update your Mobile Apps UIs (in App Store and Google Play) without having to upload a new version to the App stores; your users just need to refresh the screen for the latest changes to be available.

Biz Analyst

Yours is the control.

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Smart Forms

Create customized forms with validations and business rules to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all collected data.

workforce (1)


Instantly enforce segregation of duties and approval of policies across your organization.

sla (6)


Define the SLAs (Service Level of Agreement) for each task to closely track your team performance.

workflow (2)


Build conditional workflows to automate the assignment of tasks to individual users or groups.

relational (1)

Data Relationships

Create data relationships to link forms for different transaction types.

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Data Tables

Systematically organize, store, and consume lists of data to put everyone in the team on the same page!


Data Input

Capture the data anywhere via text, photos, QRs, RFID,

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Mobile Widgets

Create custom widgets for an enhanced mobile experience.

Productivity & Efficiency


Biz Rules

Create rules based on your business requirements to auto populate fields, change the behavior of a field based on other field's value and much more.



Use our set of triggers, conditions and actions to automate tasks such as updating a form status, sending an email, creating a user, etc.



Simplify the connection to other systems thanks to our APIs module.

api (1)


Quickly create complex sequences of automations and/or APIs calls to tackle any business requirements.


Doc Generation

Define any document template you need in HTML format and map it on the forms fields to allow automatic generation of documents by users.

Standard data

Custom Cards

Define what key information for each transaction should be part of the different cards for Tasks, Reports, Notifications, etc.

Continous Improvement

sla (5)


Monitor the time needed to complete each task to identify bottlenecks in your operations.

data-science (1)

Standard Data

Adapt a common analytics approach towards all your transactions with our standardized data structure.

analytics (4)


The system logs track all the performed actions to provide you all the data to drive process improvements.

service (1)

React to Ops Needs

Minimize the time needed since Operations spot a new business requirement until a solution is handed over to the end users.

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